The most common questions we are asked about our Charleston Cruises.
Expect to have one of the most enjoyable cruise experiences imaginable! Our goal is to have guests show up, enjoy, and not worry about anything. Remember, each cruise is customizable so take some time before departure to speak to our cruise concierge for ideas and requests.
Think comfort. Depending on the weather, we suggest towels, sunscreen, BYOB, snacks, bathing suits, a hat, a change of clothes, and cash for gratuities.
Depending on the cruise’s route, the vessel’s movement can be somewhat controllable and typically not an issue. However, if you are subject to seasickness, we suggest that you take some motion sickness medication starting the night before the cruise, drink plenty of fluids, eat before departure and limit alcohol consumption before and during the cruise.
Weather is something we handle throughout the charter season. We try to leave the dock unless there is a safety concern. Note that the summer months provide quickly changing weather patterns. Our team monitors the weather hourly. If the weather poses a safety concern, your charter will be rescheduled. If available, charter departure times and dates may be able to be adjusted, and your Captain may suggest an alternative route of travel to avoid weather patterns.
100% Refund seven days prior to the departure date. 50% refund three days before the departure date. Zero refund less than three days prior to the departure date. All charters that are non-refundable will be offered a rebooking date of the guest’s choice.
We suggest using our booking engine located on each page of the website. However, you are encouraged to contact your cruise concierges to get specific information on the right package for your group. Please visit our contact page for all direct contact information.
Yes, weather and conditions permitting. Unwritten comes with a 10-foot inflatable swim platform and a large raft that makes enjoying the harbor a ton of fun. If swimming is on your list of activities, please notify your captain before the trip so they can prepare. Captain reserves the right to cancel swimming activities if it is deemed a safety issue.
20% gratuity of the total charter rate (Less taxes) is customary and handed to the captain upon departure. The captain will split all gratuities with our mates and provision personnel. Keep in mind that gratuities are EARNED. If so, for any reason, you do not feel that our team has earned a gratuity, please let us know. We welcome all feedback, good or bad!nt
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